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My Story: From corporate finance to full-time creative entrepreneur


Hello, beautiful! I'm Lauren Scrofani, an entrepreneur from Denver, Colorado. 

You might remember me from the incredibly successful fashion and lifestyle blog, Bohemian by the Bay, which I started 7 years ago and took the blogging + influencer world by storm. 

Most recently, you might know me as a coach for creative entrepreneurs who want to better the world through their work. 


It all started with taking photos on the weekend...


I was working my first job in corporate finance in San Francisco when I started posting on Instagram. I shared photos of cute street corners, coffee shops and my outfits. Little by little, my platform started to grow. People became interested in what I was doing and what I had to say...

From side-gig to full-time career


I continued to create content just for fun on the weekends and any time I had free. Brands started reaching out to me for collaborations, and I started to get invited to all the fancy parties and events in Los Angeles. I was becoming an "Influencer" and I didn't even know what that term meant yet. 

First I started to get $100 brand deals then $5,000... and I was able to quit my job with solely my blogging income. I invested in coaches who furthered my knowledge of how to create a business online - WITHOUT the need to push so many brand deals to sustain myself... and I was hooked. 

Creative entrepreneurship became my life. I created a blogging business, a coaching + course business and an affiliate business for multiple streams of income that have generated multiple 6-figures in income online.

Leading with heart everyday


I learned very quickly that this was more than just the money and the freedom - I had the ability to give back and create impact with my skills, teaching others how to build their business online and create their dream life. 

All it takes is one small step forward, again and again. I truly believe everyone has the capability to be creative and make choices that are true and authentic to them as human beings. For me, that meant going all in on my business.

Now, I've created a life that allows me to spend time with my husband + dog, travel the world, invest more into my education and healing journey and just LIVE life.  


Want to get paid for just being yourself?

If so, you are in the right place. I've helped my clients quit their 9-5 jobs, buy their dream houses, travel the world... you name it. Basically, live their dream, whatever that looks like to them.

I've created a FREE workshop where I teach you the exact 5-part system to use what you are passionate about and start getting paid for it. In this FREE workshop you will learn: 

We all have a message to share with the world. It's time to get yours out into the world. Let's do this!

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